Project description

What is CCPC? 

CCPC is an international project with partners from Ireland, Croatia and Italy.  It is funded through the Erasmus+ Programme and focuses on climate change and young people.

[climate change with young person]

What are the aims of CCPC?

  • To establish a good partnership between the Irish, Croatian and Italian organisations involved in the project.  [flags?]
  • To identify young people who are interested in the problem of climate change in each partner country. [group]
  • To bring them together for a week to learn more about climate change and how they can become climate champions – communicating the issues and inspiring others to take action. [group]
  • Through managing the project well, to raise the capacity of the partner organisations to take on other projects in the future. [??]

What did the project do to achieve these aims?

  • A meeting was held in each of the partner locations, bringing together representatives of each organisation and building relationships between them.  [management team]
  • To choose the participants for the climate action week, application forms were distributed by each partner and filled out by young people in each country. 
  • A pre-event course for applicants was prepared using Facebook posts in a private Facebook group (see Climate Action Youth Week). The final selection of 24 participants was made. [pre-course]
  • These came to Croatia with Youth Leaders for a highly successful Climate Action week, which brought out their leadership qualities and inspired them all to further action against climate change. [24 participants]

The project is on-going and will have its final event – a show-case of the project and of the Climate Action Youth Week in March 2018.    


This project is a Strategic Partnership funded by the EU Erasmus + Programme.

Partners in the project are:

Good Energies Alliance Ireland (GEAI)

DOOR (Croatia)

Legambiente (Italy)

Youth Work Ireland (Galway)