Presenting their projects

Day 5 and the last day of the programme was dedicated to groups presenting their own projects and evaluating the week afterwords.



Rough feet

“One step at a time”, a play to educate children on how their actions contribute to their carbon footprint.

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The Green Elephant 

An info pack on how making small, simple changes locally will make changes globally.

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Judge and Jury

“Stupid is Ok” was planned to be their video but the team lost their video. At the last moment they improvised a powerful drama! 8 participants were selected to be on trial for their lives. Each, in turns had to say what they were going to do to save the planet. Each suggestion was challenged by the 3 judges, a negative judgement imposed a sentence of Death!

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Solta 2017, a video promoting Erasmus+ activities to learn more about climate change


No, No, No

A video presentation for children on why recycling is important.