Getting to know me

Second day activities concentrated on participants getting to know themselves into the context on climate change and start group discussion on the following topics given by the team leaders

Following icebreakers, the participants moved into a space that was totally out of their comfort zone – the Hero Exercise.

Stage 1 – in pairs. Each looks into the others eyes for one minute in silence. They then change partners and repeat.

Stage 2 – in pairs. One is a listener, the other talks on a subject of their choice for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes they reverse roles.

Stage 3 – groups of 4 – in turn, each member talks for 2 minutes to the other 3 who listen but do not comment.

Stage 4 – groups of 8, repeat.


RESULT: All were now prepared to speak in public.

Afternoon sessions – four workshops were presented by team leaders:

  • Creating the Utopian City ( Sergio). The group dealt with sustainable infrastructure materials and society.
  • Introduction to Permaculture (Petra) and the correct way to make compost using every day materials.
  • Campaign against fracking (Aedin). How a campaign that focuses on advocacy and political activism can work to change a nation’s laws (Ireland has now banned fracking).
  • Work the plank (Sean Butler). Showing how the sustainability of how our journey in life is impacted by our behaviour with regard to waste.