5 days, 24 people, 3 different countries

The Erasmus+ CC PC project gathered 24 participants from 18 to 24 years old – coming from Italy, Croatia and Ireland – to meet, exchange, learn and be creative and learn how to become climate champions.


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Climate Change is an urgent issue that concerns every country, every generation, everybody. However, young people and their children will be the more impacted than others, as the negative effects of Global Warming are getting greater and greater over the years. The media keep emphasising this fact by regularly forecasting disastrous events, making the public feel helpless. Young people must be informed and empowered to act to banish this dreadful feeling of apathy and to become Climate Champions.  Their involvement is vital!

25 IMG_2054 - editedOur participants developed skills in teamwork, intercultural learning and social relations. They produced new resources of their own choice to inform and communicate about Climate Change issues and they were be encouraged to promote them.

The activities are split in 3 phases:

  1. PRE-EVENT… A Facebook based course and interaction between participants to raise your awareness of Climate Change.
  2. MEETING UP / WORKING TOGETHER… 5 days of non-formal learning, workshops and activities on an island in Croatia, encouraging the participants to express their creativity in communicating about Climate Change.
  3. PRESENTATIONS of creative work.Poster